Happy Birthday Sukhmeen!

This is a HUGE birthday shout-out to CCS's children's services coordinator Sukhmeen who's birthday celebrated this month!

Sukhmeen is an invaluable member of our team at CCCS, bringing dedication, warmth, and a positive spirit to every task she undertakes. Her commitment to excellence and compassion in providing care truly make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Charity in Barnet providing essential food for care staff

We're thrilled to share some heartwarming news that embodies the spirit of community and care. Our local partnership with Harvest Church in Wembley has blossomed into a meaningful collaboration that goes beyond the traditional realms of support.

In a beautiful display of solidarity, Harvest Church has extended a helping hand to some of our dedicated care professionals who may be facing challenges. They are generously providing nourishing meals to those who may need a little extra support during these times.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Harvest Church for their generous initiative and applaud the collective effort that makes our local community stronger, more resilient, and full of compassion.

If this is of interest to you Get In Touch with us via this link!

Quality Spotlight

Safe Guarding

We actively collaborate with individuals to ensure their safety and work closely with partners to devise effective strategies. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for our clients while safeguarding their rights. Recently, we conducted a Safeguarding Refresher Week for our care professionals, reinforcing their knowledge on identifying and reporting safeguarding concerns.

Treating people as individuals

We're committed to learning, innovation, and continuous improvement. Embracing creative approaches, we aim to enhance equality of experience, outcome, and quality of life. Our latest training resource, available on our website, empowers care professionals with the best practices to elevate the quality of care for our clients.

Learning, improvement and innovation

We prioritise individualised care, ensuring support aligns with specific needs, preferences, and strengths. Embracing a culture of learning, improvement, and innovation, we recently had a client with learning difficulties take a significant step forward by gaining work experience at our Watford office—a testament to our commitment to continuous growth and empowerment.

January Client Feedback

Discover the heartfelt stories and expressions of gratitude from our clients, illustrating the positive impact Concept Care Community Services has on the lives of those we support.

Thank you for making Louise's Christmas stress-free with carers and arranging a nurse for New Year's Day

L.H -

Islington Client

I can’t begin to tell you how much you have helped us with the Take Home and Settle referrals. 

Islington Council

Anum helped me comprehend the situation I was in and encouraged me to progress. Words can't explain how much she helped with my mental health during difficult times.

N -

Islington Client

I would also like to thank you very much for your support with everything. 

S.S -

Northampton Client

Unlock a wealth of well-being resources with the “Wisdom: Learn, Grow, Thrive” app, now accessible on both Apple and Android. This employee wellness app provides valuable support for your personal and professional growth. To benefit from its features, simply connect with your line manager to obtain the access code.

News and Updates

The CQC has just released a new framework essential for our success

Thrilling updates are here! The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has rolled out a ground-breaking Single Assessment Framework, reshaping how we’re evaluated. It’s a game-changer for CCCS this year. Click here to find out more!

Key Points

The latest CQC Quality Statements, also known as ‘We Statements,’ outline essential commitments for providers, commissioners, and system leaders. Aligned with the five key questions of the CQC’s inspection framework, they cover safety, effectiveness, compassion, responsiveness, and leadership. From safe environments and effective staffing to compassionate care and workforce well-being, these statements guide the delivery of high-quality, person-centred care and support the CQC’s mission to promote excellence in health and social care services.

What Does All of this Mean?

Individuals will receive care, treatment, and support grounded in evidence-based practices and aligned with good practice standards. Care providers’ systems will ensure that employees stay updated on evidence-based good practices, required standards, and national legislation.

People will be informed about current good practices relevant to their care and will actively participate in incorporating them into their care plans. Nutrition and hydration needs will be addressed following current guidance.

Both employees and their leaders are encouraged to explore new and advanced methods. Research indicates that adopting these practices may enhance the way services deliver care.

Next Steps for CCCS

In navigating the evolving landscape, CCCS recognises the importance of adaptation. Embracing change, we encourage a thorough review of internal processes to ensure alignment with the new Quality Statements and forthcoming Evidence Categories. This shift promises a more streamlined and tailored structure, specifically designed for various service types. Let’s collectively stand as a beacon of excellence in homecare, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional services at CCCS.

Cheers to a year of growth, resilience, and unwavering commitment to exceptional care!

Care Research

In our ongoing dedication to continual enhancement and in harmony with the recently partnered with Care Research for our 2024 quality surveys.

Care Research functions independently and has established an exclusive online link for your participation in the survey.

Each member of our current staff has been provided with a questionnaire to complete at their earliest convenience.

CCCS Carer Of The Month

Introducing January's Carer of the Month' award, a spotlight on exceptional dedication within the CCCS caregiving community. This accolade pays tribute to individuals who consistently go the extra mile, embodying compassion and commitment in their roles. Beyond a monthly recognition, it stands as a testament to the values that define CCS.

Watford Adult's

Bernard Yeboah

Watford Children's

Marllyse Chounbang Tiyo


Faysol Ahmed


Rokibat Oladepo 

Introducing January's Care Champion Award!

This recognition is dedicated to individuals who epitomise excellence. It honours those who consistently go the extra mile, demonstrating steadfast dedication and compassion. Beyond being an award, it symbolises a profound commitment to our values and the well-being of those under our care.

This accolade, features categories like Compassionate Coordination, Reliable Team Player, Innovative Problem Solver, and Positive Workplace Wellness.

This month, we're delighted to recognise Anum Khan, the Branch Manager of our Islington home care office, as the standout winner for her client centred excellence!

Anum's exceptional efforts have not only successfully managed a take home and settle contract but have also led to the flourishing success of its management. Her dedication and hard work have truly made a remarkable impact.

Congratulations to Anum for this well-deserved achievement!

Anum Khan

Islington Branch Manager (Home Care)

What's New

In the Watford Adults Home Care sector, we’re committed to ensuring the highest standards of care for our clients. Recently, our dedicated carers participated in a comprehensive Safeguarding Refresher Week. This initiative is part of our ongoing efforts to keep our staff up-to-date on the latest best practices, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for everyone under our care.

Exciting News: Beth is now heading our new Young Adults division in the Children’s Department! This service supports individuals aged 18-30 and provides extra assistance for clients transitioning to adulthood. Beth’s leadership promises a fresh approach to personalised care across various life stages.

We are delighted to share the exciting news that a new summer house has just arrived on site at our Northampton branch. This versatile addition is set to elevate the level of care and enhance the overall experience for our clients residing on-site. The summer house will serve a dual purpose, functioning as a serene sensory room for relaxation and stimulation, as well as a vibrant activity hub for various engaging pursuits, especially during the summer months. This addition aligns with our commitment to providing a holistic and pleasant living experience for those under our care.

Meet an anonymous individual from Islington who, facing a broken leg and severe anxiety, embarked on a journey to reclaim control. Initially hesitant, they found support from our Islington Branch Manager, Anum, and her dedicated team. Click to discover the remarkable transformation and triumph over adversity.

In Islington, we’re thrilled to celebrate Jade’s incredible journey within our team. Jade is an Islington resident who has seamlessly transitioned from our recruitment team to the role of Coordinator. Her dedication and growth within our community exemplify the spirit of progress and achievement.

Jade’s story is a testament to the possibilities that unfold when passion meets opportunity.

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