March Newsletter

Celebrating International Women's Day

On International Women's Day, we at Concept Care Solutions celebrate the pivotal role of women in healthcare and homecare. Their dedication, strength, and compassion are the backbone of our industry.


A Commitment to Equality


We're committed to ensuring equality, offering equal opportunities, and celebrating the achievements of women in our organization and the wider healthcare community.


A Thank You to Our Women

To the women at Concept Care Solutions and beyond: your resilience and dedication inspire us daily. You make a significant difference in the lives of those we serve.


Celebrating Together

Let's honour and recognise the invaluable contributions of women in healthcare. Happy International Women's Day to the remarkable women shaping our world for the better.





March’s Client Feedback

Discover the heartfelt stories and expressions of gratitude from our clients, illustrating the positive impact Concept Care Community Services has on the lives of those we support.

Samentha is always there for us, making us feel cared for. The carers are compassionate and ensure our comfort.

L. H

Barnet Client

'The care from Sam and her team at Concept Care is outstanding. They're patient and truly understanding.’


Barnet Client

We're extremely satisfied with the compassionate and patient care provided by Concept Care. They make every effort to make us feel comfortable.


Watford Client

Home Care - News and Updates

Concept Care at Barnet Care Awards

CCCS recently had the honour of participating in the Care Quality Event Barnet, culminating in the esteemed Barnet Care Awards. This event celebrated the dedication and achievements of caregivers and homecare providers, recognizing their vital contribution to our community.

A special shout out to Samentha, our Care Coordinator for Barnet, who played a key role in representing our team at the event. The ceremony was enriched with speeches from industry leaders, acknowledging the hard work and commitment of care professionals.

The pinnacle of the event was the Barnet Care Awards, where individuals were recognised for their exemplary service with certificates and vouchers. This recognition was a poignant reminder of our collective mission to deliver exceptional care and make a significant impact on the lives we touch.

What’s NEW in care

2024 Care Home Funding Increase Highlights

The government has announced a 7.4% pay rise for care home staff between 2024 and 2025, marking a significant step to improve care quality for residents. This increase raises the standard weekly pay rate to £235.88 and the higher rate to £324.50, aiming to enhance care for those with special health needs and support NHS-funded care homes in providing better services.

Additionally, the government is investing up to £8.6 billion in adult social care and discharge for the 2024/2025 financial year, plus £700 million to improve the care system. This funding boost is part of a 10-year vision to improve care provision, reduce waiting times, and enhance workforce recruitment and retention in the sector.

This move highlights the importance of care home staff, aiming to improve care standards and acknowledge the dedication of those in the sector.

CCCS Carers Of The Month

Introducing March's Carer of the Month' award, a spotlight on exceptional dedication within the CCCS caregiving community. This accolade pays tribute to individuals who consistently go the extra mile, embodying compassion and commitment in their roles. Beyond a monthly recognition, it stands as a testament to the values that define CCS.

Watford Adult's

Berthing Nkwambo

Watford Children's

Ramona Pascalau


Adeola Olaniyan


Keisha Findley

What's New


We are very grateful to all our dedicated and hardworking Health Care Support worker with Sponsorship Visa (SPL), who have contributed positively to our Company, we recognise the vital role they play in our company hence the importance in the giving them emotionally support for their well-being and job satisfaction. We have an SPL Buddy Ina Musaka, she will provide guidance and encouragement to help the SPL team, Because she is an SPL herself, she understands our company policies and processes and can aid the team with advice and signpost them to relevant team. Ina is very friendly and caring always available to help. We are proud to have Ina Musaka as our SPL Buddy


Tracheostomy Refresher Training

Tracheostomy Refresher Training Concept Care Solutions recently held an important Refresher Tracheostomy Training, led by Head and Neck Nurse Leo Galon from Hertfordshire. This session aimed to equip our team, especially those caring for a specific service user in the community, with up-to-date skills and knowledge in tracheostomy care. The training emphasised modern care techniques and best practices, boosting our caregivers’ confidence and ability to provide top-notch support. Such initiatives underscore our commitment to continuous learning and professional development, ensuring our staff can meet complex care needs with expertise. We’re proud of the positive impact this training has on our service quality and the strong support network it creates within our community care team. At Concept Care Solutions, we’re dedicated to investing in our team’s growth to ensure the highest care standards for those we serve.

Quality Spotlight

Involving people to manage risks.

We work with people to understand and manage risks by thinking holistically so that care meets their needs in a way that is safe and supportive and enables them to do the things that matter to them.

Monitoring and improving outcomes.

We routinely monitor people’s care and treatment to continuously improve it. We ensure that outcomes are positive and consistent, and that they meet both clinical expectations and the expectations of people themselves.

Care provision, integration, and continuity.

We understand the diverse health and care needs of people and our local communities, so care is joined-up, flexible and supports choice and continuity.