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What is Complex Care?

Complex care is one of our more specialised and comprehensive forms of care tailored to individuals with multifaceted and intricate medical needs. This level of care is designed for individuals facing complex health conditions, often requiring a combination of medical, personal, and social support. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our clients by providing the highest standard of care.

Our service goes beyond standard home care, incorporating skilled nursing, specialised interventions, and coordination with various healthcare professionals. We create a supportive environment where individuals with serious medical conditions can thrive, promoting their health, well-being, and independence.

How it works

Learn about our simple and effective process to ensure you receive the best care possible.


We begin with a comprehensive assessment to understand your specific needs, preferences, and goals

Personalised Care Plan

Based on the assessment, we create a tailored care plan designed to meet your unique requirements. 

Care Professional Matching

We carefully match you with a qualified care professional who aligns with your personality and care needs. 

Ongoing Support

Our care professional  provide ongoing support, and your care plan is regularly reviewed to ensure it continues to meet your evolving needs. 

A caregiver engaging with elderly residents in a communal area, showcasing a warm and supportive community environment.

Why choose our Complex Care?

Choosing our care services means choosing more than just assistance—it means choosing comprehensive support tailored to the unique needs of your loved one. We strive to provide:

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What Our Clients Say About Our Complex care?

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're in the process of deciding whether CCCS is the right choice for providing compassionate care for your loved one, we invite you to review our frequently asked questions about our services and support.

Complex care is suitable for individuals with conditions such as spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuries, complex neurological conditions, ventilator dependency, and other complex medical needs requiring skilled nursing care.

Yes, complex care can be provided on both short-term and long-term bases. It is tailored to the individual’s needs, whether they are recovering from surgery, managing a chronic condition, or transitioning from hospital to home.

Complex care plans are developed through a thorough assessment by our team of healthcare professionals. The plan is personalised to address the specific medical needs, preferences, and goals of the individual.


Yes, complex care services can include overnight care. Our team provides 24/7 support to ensure continuous care for individuals with complex medical needs.

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