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Discover our unwavering dedication in offering exceptional Jewish home care services that prioritise not only the well-being and independence of our clients but also the preservation of their cherished Jewish way of life at Beit Shalom Jewish Care.

Jewish Home Care in 3 Quick & easy steps

Getting started with our home care services is quick and easy, designed with your convenience in mind.

  • Connect With Our Team

    Reach out to our team of dedicated professionals at 0208 050 5986. They are here to provide guidance, address your inquiries, and assist you in making informed decisions about your care.

  • Person Centred Assessment

    Your local Care manager will personally visit you to engage in a thoughtful conversation about your specific needs and understand the type of care you seek.

  • Outcome Based Support Plan

    We'll work closely with you to craft a customised care plan that aligns perfectly with your requirements and preferences, ensuring you receive the precise care and support you deserve.

What is Beit Shalom Jewish Home Care?

Beit Shalom Jewish Home Care Service is like a friendly hand extended to the Jewish community. We understand your traditions and welcome you with open arms. Our caring team is here to help with everyday tasks and keep you company. It’s more than just practical help; it’s about making you feel at home and part of a caring family. Choosing Beit Shalom means choosing a place where your traditions are respected and where you’re treated with kindness and warmth.

Whether it’s assistance with daily tasks or providing companionship. Beyond practical support, we provide a warm and friendly environment where you can feel at home and connected.

We understand that each individual within the Jewish community has unique care needs. Our team of care professionals collaborates closely with you and your family to create personalised care plans. Whether it’s assistance with daily activities, medical support, or companionship, our care professionals tailor plans to address your specific requirements.

Caring is at the core of everything we do. We approach each individual with genuine compassion, recognising the unique needs and desires of every client. It’s not just about providing care; it’s about creating a compassionate and supportive environment that feels like an extension of family.

Our team of care professionals are comprised of skilled and experienced professionals. Trained in the latest caregiving techniques and best practices, they bring a wealth of expertise to every home we serve. With Concept Care, you can trust that your loved one is in capable and caring hands.

How It works!


We begin with a comprehensive assessment to understand your specific needs, preferences, and goals

Personalised Care Plan

Based on the assessment, we create a tailored care plan designed to meet your unique requirements

Care Professional Matching

We carefully match you with a qualified care professional who aligns with your personality and care needs

Ongoing Support

Our care professional  provide ongoing support, and your care plan is regularly reviewed to ensure it continues to meet your evolving needs

Why choose our Jewish Home Care?

we're more than just a care service – we're a community of support, understanding, and compassion. Our mission is to provide warm and welcoming care tailored specifically for the Jewish community, offering:

Whether you're seeking Beit Shalom Jewish Care for a loved one or yourself, our flexible scheduling and commitment to excellence make us the ideal choice.

Reach out and let’s chat about how we can support you and your special one!

What Our Clients Say About Our Jewish Home Care?

We are so grateful for the compassionate care provided by Jewish Home Care Service. Miriam and David went above and beyond to ensure my mother's comfort and well-being. Highly recommend!


Shalom! Our experience with Jewish Home Care Service has been nothing short of exceptional. Rachel and Benjamin provided attentive and respectful care for my grandfather, making him feel like family. Thank you!


Their professionalism, kindness, and genuine concern for my father's needs have made all the difference. Thank you for your outstanding service!


We cannot express enough gratitude to Jewish Home Care Service for the outstanding care they provided to our father. Sarah and Jacob were attentive, compassionate, and went above and beyond to meet his needs. Thank you for your unwavering support!



Frequently Asked Questions

If you're in the process of deciding whether CCCS is the right choice for providing compassionate care for your loved one, we invite you to review our frequently asked questions about our services and support.

Absolutely! We understand that each individual has unique cultural and religious preferences. We work closely with our clients and their families to create personalised care plans that accommodate their specific needs and preferences.

Yes, we provide services on Jewish holidays. Our care professionals are available to assist with any additional needs or support that may be required during these times.

Beit Shalom Jewish Care Service is unique in that we offer culturally sensitive care specifically tailored for the Jewish community. Our compassionate team members are dedicated to providing support that respects and honours Jewish traditions and values.

For more information about our services or to schedule a consultation, please contact us directly. We're here to answer any questions you may have and help you explore how Beit Shalom Jewish Care Service can meet your needs.

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

We understand that the search for care can be a daunting task. With a multitude of options to consider, it's easy to feel lost. But at Concept Care Community Services, we put your needs first.

We dedicate more time to truly understand your specific situation than anyone else. We're confident that we can help you navigate this journey.

Give us a call, and let's explore the options together. There's no pressure to rush into a decision.

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